Tourism in Gmuend

Explore all of Europe’s most interesting architectural styles in 30 minutes: thanks to its enchanting town centre and its unique cultural and architectural heritage, acquired over 800 years of history and ranging from Romanesque to Gothic, from Baroque to modern day, Schwäbisch Gmünd is one of the most exciting destinations for city tourists, whether for a varied day trip or for a longer stay. The parks where the State Garden Show takes place, the impressive Marktplatz, the small alleyways with their boutique shops, speciality shops and cafés, the varied landscape from the Remstal to the heights of the Voralb, castle ruins from the time of the Hohenstaufen dynasty, the landscape park in the ‘Himmelsgarten’, Weleda’s medicinal plant garden, the secrets of history and many stories and discoveries ‘between heaven and earth’: there is more than enough to fill a family adventure, whether you’re here for one day or more.